Our Elethu project has become flagship for employee empowerment in SA wine industry. The success story of this 30 ha farm is featured extensively in the new documentary short “Creating the blend – The story of transformation in South Africa’s winelands”.

We recently proudly announced that this successful 100% black-owned grape farming initiative that benefits Bonnievale Wines workers, paid out a dividend for its 31 beneficiaries from the 2016 harvest.

The Bonnievale Wines management team has a long-standing mentorship relationship with this successful Black Economic Empowerment farm. In May next year the equal shareholding in the initiative comes to an end and 100% management is transferred to the Bonnievale Workers Empowerment Trust.

The documentary, made and released by SA wine industry’s generic marketing body, Wines of South Africa (Wosa) highlights some of the pro-active programmes and success stories that are often overshadowed by bad news about the ‘bad apples’ of the industry. It includes interviews with Elethu (‘It is ours’) farm manager and beneficiary Johannes Fredericks as well as our CEO, John Barnardt.

You can watch it below: