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The Elethu Project

The South African wine dream is now a reality.

The Elethu project is one of South Africa’s first full-circle BBBEE wine projects and, as a black-owned farm with black-owned and managed vineyards and black-managed winemaking, a milestone for all involved. 

The Elethu project was established in 2007, with fertile river-fronting land donated for the initiative by the Langeberg Municipality. Its name means “ours”, in Xhosa.

It was founded and operates under the wing of Bonnievale Wines, to which the Elethu project is also a supplier. Infrastructure enhancement has also been made possible by the SA Wine Industry Transformation Fund.

In May 2020, a worker empowerment trust comprising 30 beneficiaries finally took full control of operations. Winemaking is overseen by Edwin Mathambo.

Key to the initiative has been the mentorship by Bonnievale’s experienced winery staff and grape producer members who have multi-generational know-how of the Robertson wine region’s conditions.

Elethu Project Bonnievale Wines
Elethu Project Bonnievale Wines